Water Disposal & Waterflood

Our state-of-the-art control logic gives us the unique ability to modulate the flow of your facility to meet varying conditions. This technology allows us to inject into multiple wells at varying pressures from a single injection pump. It also gives us the ability to adjust to surges in incoming rates.


  • Standard B31.3 piping construction
  • Lifting plans, FEA and torsional calculations available
  • Mag particle and dye pen testing available
  • Wind, snow and seismic calculations
  • PE-stamped buildings and structure
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, and composite piping
  • Steel frame, panel and fiberglass buildings
  • Optional enclosure for cold weather packages


Injection rates Up to 60,000 bbl/day +
Pressures Up to 5000 PSIG +


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