Well Automation & Control

We provide technically advanced variable frequency drives with Sensorless Artificial Lift Technology (SALT™).

Well Automation & Control

This system provides several benefits

  • Sensorless Artificial Lift Technology (SALT™) – logs pump running and warning data
  • Field programming – our technicians can re-program your pump controllers in the field in response to changing well conditions
  • Troubleshooting – we analyze the pump data collected to troubleshoot pump failures and inefficiencies

Sensorless Artificial Lift Technology (SALT™)

SALT™ is an advanced artificial lift system control, using a sensorless vector VFD with integrated pump-off software. Instead of shutting off the pump during periods of low production, SALT™ reduces the pump speed, maintaining production while reducing the energy consumption and mechanical stress associated with stopping and re-starting the pump.

SALT™ offers significant advantages to all types of down-hole pumps, including rod, progressive cavity, and submersible pumps. It also provides warning capabilities for conditions such as pump off, paraffin buildup, gas pockets, failure to recover, and maximum and minimum loads. These warnings, as well as information regarding the number of strokes per day, inferred production, and gas purges are all recorded in a log that reports pump activity from the previous thirty days.


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