DNOW provides much more than products. We deliver assurance. Our experts look at your operational challenges from a broad perspective and collaborate with you to solve them.

Energy Delivered

With its vast range of quality products, integrated supply chain logistics and unmatched global scope and scale, DNOW has what it takes to always deliver. Our products are backed by seasoned experts who anticipate needs and are committed to coming through with the right solution at the right time, every time. We shape our offering to support your objectives and empower your business, so you can reduce costs and boost efficiency.

The Right Products at the Right Time

We maintain a multi-million dollar global inventory of more than 300,000 unique SKUs from 19,000+ manufacturers. We have everything you need to keep your worksite productive and your project on schedule.

Smart People With Strong Experience

DNOW people have extensive knowledge of products, industries, technical processes and business drivers. We proactively use this expertise to improve operations, reduce costs and help customers succeed through better supply-chain strategies.

Locations Close to Everywhere

We have a network of locations across more than 20 countries near major energy and manufacturing centers. That means we're near you, standing ready to deliver the products, services and onsite support you need, right now.

What "Energy Delivered" Means to You

The DNOW energy band symbolizes our far-reaching capability and unlimited flexibility to partner with you in any way you need. The band moves through space, representing our ability to deliver on the simple and complex, the regional and global, the energy and manufacturing industries. We are delivering more than products – even more than solutions. We provide you with the energy and agility to accelerate your business and surpass your goals.

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DNOW is committed to creating positive change globally and in our local communities. Get the latest on DNOW L.P. and its Affiliates, Parents and Subsidiaries.

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Whether sponsoring or attending, DistributionNOW keeps an active events schedule. Industry involvement is vital to our business. Our experts are always on-hand to explain our products and solutions, and they look forward to meeting you!

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