Supply Chain Management Development Program

Our program attracts impressive, high-potential, recent college graduates and effectively hires, trains, and exposes them to business groups through relevant, applicable work projects. This year-long program accelerates learning, development and success, and permanent roles within sales and operations will be awarded to graduates.


The opportunities and training in the Supply Chain Management Development Program expose participants to a variety of aspects of the industry through focused rotations and professional development. Program participants also experience the DistributionNOW business model, process, and overall strategy in-depth.

Program rotations may include the following:

  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Global sourcing
  • Materials management
  • Business development
  • Domestic field operations
  • Process management
  • Information systems 

How to Apply

Submit your resume and any questions about the program to


"This program gave me the ability to become a well-rounded employee within a great company with a wide variety of opportunities."
– Supply Chain Management Major, Texas A&M University

"I gained a lot of hands-on experience from multiple perspectives that broadened my understanding of both the company and the industry."
– Supply Chain Major, Colorado State University

"This program gave me contacts throughout the business that I still communicate with regularly."
– Project Lead, DistributionNOW