AutoCrib® Product Videos

The videos on this page showcase AutoCrib's industrial vending machines. All of these machines are available from DistributionNOW, so contact us for more information or schedule a demo today!

AutoCrib® RoboCrib® Family

The RoboCrib® family of products provides controlled access to items of all sizes and shapes. The following video provides a demo of the system's capabilities:

The RoboCrib® TX750 is a next-generation industrial vending machine, using a patented dual-tambour system to provide easy access to even oddly shaped supplies and packages:

RoboCrib® capabilities can be expanded with a variety of optional equipment:


AutoCrib® EleVend®

EleVend® can simplify the monitored issue of gloves and other personal protective equipment without the need to repackage these items:


AutoCrib® AutoLocker® FX

AutoLocker® FX is a customizable asset-tracking locker system for reusable equipment:


AutoCrib® VLM

The VLM system automatically retrieves items from a tower of stationary trays, minimizing floor space used to store inventory:


AutoCrib® MobileCrib

The MobileCrib handheld device allows tool room attendants to easily scan barcodes and perform common transactions with the AutoCrib® database: