Electrical Products

MacLean Electrical supplies industrial hazardous area electrical products and lighting systems for IEC, IECEx, and ATEX applications, in a wide range of extreme temperatures and environments. We also have an extensive selection of industrial safe area and commercial electrical products and accessories.

  • Audible warning units & beacons
  • Cable accessories
  • Cable supports
  • Control stations
  • Convenience & welding outlets
  • Distribution boards & control panels (up to 6300 amps)
  • Flexible conduit & accessories
  • Grounding/Earthing materials & lightning protection
  • Hand lamps & flashlights
  • Heat tracing equipment
  • Heating equipment
  • Instrumentation bulks
  • Junction / Termination / Marshalling boxes
  • Lighting
  • LV motor control centres
  • Site electrical equipment & tools
  • Transformers (up to 33kV)
  • UPS systems


Our cable specialist group, Noskab, offers products for onshore and offshore energy, petrochemical, process, and marine applications. We can also provide Australian, French, and VDE type cable, as well as other international and bespoke standards. Cables for general industrial, commercial, and roadway lighting applications are also available.

Standard Type
BS5467 LV Power & Control Cable
BS6724 LV Power & Control Cable
BS5467 LV Power & Control Cable
BS6622 MV Power Cable
IEC60502 MV Power Cable
BS5308 Instrumentation Cable Pt 1 type 1, Pt 1 type 2, Pt 1 type 3, individual or individual & overall screen
BS5308 Instrumentation Cable Pt 2 type 1, Pt 2 type 2, Pt 2 type 3, individual or individual & overall screen
BS EN 50288-7 Instrumentation Cable
AS/NZ5000 Australian Nylon Sheathed Power, Control & Instrumentation Cable
  Fibre Optic Cable
  PVC Earth Cable
  Continuous Corrugated Armoured Cable
  Thermocouple and Telecoms Cables
  All LV and Instrument Cables can be produced as fire resistant
Standard Type
BS6883 MV & LV Power, Control, Earth & Instrumentation Cable
BS7917 LV Power, Control & Instrumentation Cable
NEK 606 MV & LV Power, Control, Earth & Instrumentation Cable, flame retardant and fire resistant
IEEE1580 Type P Power, Control & Instrumentation Cable
  Fibre optic cable, single mode, multi-mode
Standard Type
IEC60092-350 Low Voltage Shipboard Power & Control Cable
IEC60092-353 Single & Multi-core 1kV & 3kV
IEC60092-354 Single & Three Core MV Power Cable
IEC60092-375 Instrumentation Cable
XLPE/individual (or overall) screen/tape bedding (or extruded SHF1)

Roadway, Industrial, and Commercial Lighting Solutions

Light & Energy Distribution, our lighting division, designs, supplies, and provides technical support services for all roadway, industrial, sports arena, and public space lighting, signage systems, and ancilliary equipment. With over 40 years experience, we can manage your lighting project requirements, providing product application advice alongside innovative and energy-efficient solutions to assist in meeting carbon reduction targets.

Technical Data

We provide electrical products and cables from multiple quality manufacturers around the world – too many to detail here, so please contact us for any specific advice or requirements. We are able to provide advice on products and their application, data sheets, and certification.