DistributionNOW Exhibiting at CIPPE Beijing 2016

February 22, 2016 – DistributionNOW will be exhibiting at the China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE) Beijing, the largest petroleum exhibition in the world. This year's exhibition space is over 100,000 sqm, and is expected to attract 2,000 exhibitors from 65 nations and regions and 80,000 professional visitors.

DistributionNOW 将参加今年在北京举办的中国国际石油石化技术装备展览会(CIPPE)。作为全球最大的石油展,今年的展会面积超过 100,000 平方米,预计将吸引来自 65 个国家和地区的 2,000 家参展商和 80,000 名专业观众。

March 29-31, 2016

New China International Exhibition Center

88 Yuxiang Rd, Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone
Shunyi District, Beijing 101318

Booth W1405 in Western Hall 1 (W1)
西1馆 W1405展位


For more information on the China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE) show, visit the official event page: http://www.cippe.com.cn/

Our Products

DistributionNOW is a global distributor of pipe and tubing, manual and actuated valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, fasteners, instrumentation, power transmission products, mill and janitorial supplies, hand and power tools, machine cutting tools, safety products, personal protective equipment (PPE), electrical products, artificial lift equipment, pumps, drilling and production products, and industrial paint and coatings. Please visit our Products page for a more complete explanation of our offerings.

DistributionNOW 是一家全球性的分销商,主要提供管材、阀门及阀门驱动、接头、法兰、垫片、紧固件、仪器仪表、电力传输产品、库房和清洁用品、 手动和电动工具、 机器切割工具、 安全产品、 个人防护用品 (PPE) 、 电气产品、 人工举升设备、 泵、 钻井和生产的产品,和工业油漆和涂料。

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