Dura Products

Dura Products, a DistributionNOW Company based in Canada, focuses on the design and manufacture of high end rod pumping systems and production accessories. They strive to provide superior quality, fit for purpose equipment that will provide their customers with the most cost effective method of producing hydrocarbons.

Shearer Power Systems

Shearer, a DistributionNOW Company based in Canada, specializes in new and remanufactured single- and multi-cylinder oilfield engines, commercial generators, parts, and service. Located in Edmonton, AB, they have more than 30 years of experience providing solutions for all of their customers’ engine needs. Their broad selection of products and the availability of their knowledgeable, certified mechanics ensure the quickest and most economical solutions.


Capital Valves

DistributionNOW Capital Valves is a sales and service organization within DNOW that specializes in major turnkey projects for both manual operated and actuated valves for the oil and gas industry. Acquired by DistributionNOW in 2011, and with a legacy spanning more than 30 years, Capital Valves is a reliable expert and trusted partner for all your valve project needs.


Group KZ

Group KZ, a division of DistributionNOW based in Kazakhstan, specializes in personal protective equipment (PPE), uniforms, safety equipment, oilfield supplies, and special procurement. They are experts in the supply chain, transportation, logistics, customs regulations and stock management necessary to operate in the Kazakhstan business environment. Group KZ customizes and logos products through state-of-the-art embroidery and heat-sealing machinery, and also manufactures products in Kazakhstan in partnership with two local garment manufacturers.